My education
I started dancing as a young child in my fathers dance school until I reached the age of 15. I then proceeded to Balettakademien in Stockholm and their Dancer Program. After a year there I started at The Royal Swedish Ballet School and got my degree as a dancer and performer 1996. It was a classical dancers degree. After working a couple of years as a classical dancer I started to think about why? and how?
Between 1999-2002 I studied at the University of Dance and Circus where I received my second degree in Dance pedagogy, modern profile. At the University of Dance and Circus I meet Karin M Jameson and Mira Mutka. Karin was my main teacher in contemporary dance and she introduced me to Klein Technique™, which had a major impact on me. Mira and me became good friends at the University and a few years later we founded kompani 2 together. 2016-2017 I moved back to Stockholm and when back to school at STDH. I studied Move it- directing and dramaturgy for movement-based performing arts and received my degree of Master of fine Arts.

2018- Now living in Eskilstuna.

Klein Technique™
After my exam from the University of Dance and Circus Klein Technique™ had a deepen influence in my work and me. During the years of 2003-2004 I participated in many workshops with Susan Klein (founder) and Barbara Mahler (major contributor of the work), which they held in the Nordic countries and in Europe. When I was in Sweden I took classes for Karin M Jameson. I realised that for every workshop I took there was more depth and more knowledge and I started to understand what process is and can mean. Why would I want to keep this work for my self? I want to share and give the possibilities to others to experience Klein Technique™, its fundamentals, underpinnings and philosophy.
Karin M Jameson was a part of the first Klein Technique™ Teacher Certification Program, (TCP). and became Certified Teacher of Klein Technique™ 2001. The winter of 2004 Susan Klein decided to start a second group of TCP. I was full of joy and meet up with Susan Klein that summer in the north of Sweden where she was giving a workshop in Nyland. Mira Mutka and me joined the program in august 2004.
Since that I have travelled to New York, USA in several intensive periods to participate in TCP meetings, TCP weeks, to take classes and give classes. I have parallel to these intensive periods reaching from 2 weeks to 3 month continued to participated in workshops given by Susan Klein and/or Barbara Mahler in Europe and taken Karin M Jamesons classes as often as possible.
January 2009 I received my Certification from Susan Klein and I am Certified Teacher of Klein Technique™. I have taught Klein Technique™ in Berlin, New York, Barcelona, Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. At places like LaborGras, La Caldera, Danscentrum, The Gothenburg Opera, RTV Dance company. For professionals and dance education programs. I have also assisted Susan T. Klein in workshops in cites like Berlin, London, Barcelona, Vienna.
2010- 2015 I gave regular classes in Gothenburg and continued to travel nationally and internationally to teach classes and assist Susan Klein in workshops in Klein Technique™.
Since 2016 I have taught workshops and intensive weeks in Sweden and internationally in collaboration with professional dance organisations and through vinterProduktion.

Teaching (selections)
Klein Technique™ classes 
Online classes, Tuesday´s from May til May 2020-2022
Danscentrum Väst, Gothenburg 2011 – present
STDH, Stockholm 2017
Ongoing weekly classes at Dansbyrån, Gothenburg 2011 – 2015
Danscentrum Syd, Malmö 2012, 2013, 2015 
Gothenburg Dance company, Gothenburg 2012
Dancers program, Angered, Gothenburg 2012 – 2013
Balettakademien at the professional Dancers programs, Gothenburg 2012 – 2015
Balettakademien at the professional Dancers programs,Stockholm 2009 – 2013
Universität der Künst, Choreographers program, and Studio LaborGras, Berlin, Germany 2009
Intensive Klein Technique™ workshops, 5-10 days long
Online 4 day workshop, Scenkonstbiennalen, Dansalliansen/DC väst, may 2021
Online 3 day workshop, feburary 2021
Dansalliansen, Gothenburg 2018, 2019
WIP dance studio, Stockholm 2017, 2018
Dansakademin, Eskilstuna 2017
KHiO in Oslo, Norway 2015
Dance and theatre alliansen, Oslo, Norway   2014, 2015
La Caldera Barcelona, Spain 2014
Universitet de Barcelona, Spain 2014
KulturKraft Väst, Gothenburg 2012 – 2014
Assisting Susan Klein at workshops in Europe
TanzQuartier/Vienna, Moving East/London, Sasha Waltz/Berlin, 
La Caldera/Barcelona, KulturKraft Väst/Gothenburg, 2011 – 2014

kompani 2
Between 2004-2014 kompani 2 produced 1-3 performances with its base in Eskilstuna. It was founded by me and Mira Mutka. We toured extensively in Sörmland and showed our work in cities like Berlin, New York and Stockholm. Our pieces has been danced in theatres, parks, stairways, bridges, food stores, shopping malls, to name a few. Within kompani 2 we where sometimes one, or two or more. We changed who is what and does what depending on the production and it’s needs, methods and structure.

when I moved to Gothenburg 2011 I started vinterProduktion. Within vinterProduction I produce and co-produce dance or work with issuse connected to dance. I have collaborated and worked intensively with Minna elif Wendin, Susanna Leibovici, Moa Matilda Sahlin and Viktor Wendin. I also worked as projekt manager with NewOpera CO and Niklas Rydén 2013-2015 and with VARIA Improvisation Festival, Lisa Larsdotter Peterson 2013-2020. In Gothenburg my productions and co-productions  have been dance in different venues such as Atalante, Skogen, Storan, Dansbyrån, Studio Oskar, Ärlegården, Stigbergstorget, Kulturkalaset and more.

2017 I have worked with Mira Mutka and Slowathon and Slowateck through Scenkonst Sörmland. I also directed Färdknäpp for Teater Crum and have also done different projects with dance for children. Come dance with me, Dansa genom- a collaboration with Ebeling museet that connects art pieces and dance through improvisations with children. I have also done a series of workshops with dance and books for children.
Currently my main focus is in the making of a new dance piece produced by Scenkonst Sörmland. It will have its premiere in november 2019.

2019- Mer Dans åt Folket was founded.

Visual Interpreter – Dance, Badco- Whatever Toolbox, Joao Fiadeiro – Real Time Composition at Dansbyrån, Coachning Katja Kettner Dansalliansen, Writing applications for arts founds and grants KulturKraft Väst, Scott Wells- Jumping and flying Varia2014, Sten Rudström & Satu Palakongas Improvisation VARIA2014, Andrew Morrish. Improvistation VARIA2013, Julyen Hamilton – Improvisation Varia2011, Martha Rodezno – Improvisation Varia2011, Frédéric Geis – Practible at Weld, Community Dance Trappan, Erin Manning at Dansbyrån and more…..

W.I.S.P., Un-Women, Associated Artist at Dansbyrån, Danscentrum Väst, Landstinget Sörmland referensgrupparbete för Samkultur

Grants and awards
I have received several grants and awards for my dance and choreography such as The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Göteborgs Stad Kulturförvaltning, Eskilstuna Kultur och fritidsförvaltning, Sparbanksstiftelsen Rekarne, Carina Ari, Landstinget Sörmlands Culture price and I have been the Town artist in Eskilstuna.