Residens i Studio Skaftarp Förarbete med tid i studio och i skog Tack till Studio Skaftarp och Region Jönköpings län inom DanSSpår för denna möjlighet och tid <3 Dag 1 Get warm Improvise write something take a walk write something ”arabesque” bring your attention towards your senses. time to move[…]

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Intertwined figures

– how does movement, emotions and the senses effect the movement possibilities in different motives? Written by Jannine Rivel Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts Degree of Master of Fine Arts, 15 hp MOVIT- directing and dramaturgy for movement based Performing Arts Independent dergee project, HT 2017 Supervisor: Bodil Persson, Senior[…]

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Senses in choreography – Workshops

I was looking for methods, exercises and choreography that I wanted to share, show and test in relation to my research question at STDH. As a consequent I constructed two series of 5 days workshops and invited colleges and friends. The two workshop series contains: choreography, text, exercises, improvisations and[…]

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