Jannine Rivel vinterProduktion

Performer/ Dancer/ Choreographer/ Teacher/

Director/ Dramaturg/ Visual interpreter/

Certified Teacher of Klein Technique™/

Jannine Rivel works within the field of dance and theater.
Jannines work methods are process-based and she is interested in the settings into a dance, choreography, play or other. The relationship between stillness and movement, one and other and purpose and content are important beginning points.

Jannine is currently based in Eskilstuna, Sweden and creates her work in relation to place, location and present. Her work is with institutions, municipalities, organizations, companies, choreographers, dancers and the ”free culture life”. Although she is based in Eskilstuna her work and her co-laborations brings her to other cities and countries.

Jannine is currently in the working on the dance performance “Koreografiska utflykter” pilot in June 2020 and premier in May 2021. She is also working on a dance film project and teaching ongoing Klein Technique™ classes on ZOOM and a 3-day workshop 19th-21st of February. 2020-2021 she is a resident artist on SITE 

Her projects are founded with support from Swedish ArtsCouncil/Kulturrådet, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee/Konstnärsnämnden, Region Sörmland, Region Västmanland, Riksteaterföreningen Sörmland och Eskilstuna Kommun.