Jannine Rivel vinterProduktion

Photo: Julia Blomgren

– Jannine Rivel  –

Jannine Rivel works within the field of dance and performance. She moves between different trampolines as an artist bouncing from dancer to clown, performer, director, dramaturge, teacher, choreographer, producer and more. The interest in movement and following its directions as it extends through people, anatomy, relationships, nature, is at the root of inspiration.

Jannine’s work methods are process-based. She is interested in the settings of dance, choreography and/or play, in the relationship between stillness and movement, one and the other, and purpose as content.

Her artistic interest lies within structures, connecting points, limits and possibilities. An underpinning in all her creative work is the proprioception sense, the intertwining between the senses and how movement moves us, internally and spatially. The movement(s), dancing as vivid figures of experiences and outcomes. How the senses and the interweaving between them can create choreographies within us and how this meeting point can create possibilities for new understandings through how we relate to the material, each other or our personal stories. Movement is analysed with regards to its mechanisms and functions to create methods for phrases and structures in the creation processes. 

“I feel through movement. My experiences move inside and through me. Emotions and feelings take different directions and forms. The dance is a necessity for me to be able to process, make sense and relate to the world and myself.”

Jannine is a teacher of Klein Technique™ and uses the technique’s concepts and underpinnings in her physical as well as artistic practice going into improvisations, scores and building methods of deepening and layering the material or questions in her art. With an ongoing practice of sustainability and feminism she shifts the time aspect in her choreographies and includes multiple layers and access points in her work stretching from aspects of including, experiences and accessibility in her choices.

Her pieces have been performed in cities like Berlin, New York and Stockholm, as well as the library in Trosa, the grocery store in Gnesta and the art museum in Eskilstuna, Sweden where she lives. Her work includes site specifics and black box pieces, often collaborations with institutions, municipalities, organisations, companies, choreographers, dancers and the ”free culture life”. Jannine works in collaboration with choreographers and artists across genres and also dances and performs in works by MoaKompani, Mira Mutka, Julia Kraus Dybeck and ClownClubben. She frequently teaches classes and workshops in Klein Technique™ for professional dancers and dance students in Sweden and abroad.

During 2022 she is doing pre-research work for a dance piece on laughter and touring: “Koreografiska utflykter” in May- September. Dancing with MoaKompani and being a part of the network HER/THEYstory. Sharing her two dance films “BEN” and “ROSETTE” at Folk och Kultur and Dansfilmsfestivalen in February. Jannine is also teaching Klein Technique™ classes on Zoom, workshop through Dansalliansen and doing a residency at SITE 2020-2022.

Her projects are funded with support from Swedish Arts Council/Kulturrådet, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee/Konstnärsnämnden, Scenkonst Sörmland, Region Sörmland, Region Västmanland, SITE Sthlm, Eskilstuna kommun, Studio Skaftarp and more. See projects for all founders and co-partners. 

Jannine is also one of the founding members of Mer Dans åt Folket, is in the Fontys University pool of expert, and is a member of IETM, International network for contemporary performing arts and NOFOD, Nordic forums for dance research.

She studied at: The Royal Swedish Ballet School (1996), School of Dance and Circus (BA) (2002), Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (MA) (2018) in Stockholm and the Susan Klein School of Movement and Dance (2009), New York.

She received a working grant from Eskilstuna municipality 2021 and a grant from Region Sörmland 2019 for her work, contributions and dances in the municipality and region.