I was born into a circus and artist family. I was the forth generation to work within performing arts. As a young child I learn to dance at my fathers dance school and learned the clown number of my grandfather Charlie Rivel when I was 10 yers old.

My clown, Oh Josette, has always been close and with me, on stage and of stage. A few years ago I started to focus more on her and in 2015 she had her place in Kabaret Cosmos. There we danced, sang, taped and did a revisite to the clown number I had learned as a young child.
2019 I started working as a hospital clown through ClownClubben

Working as I clown I foremost listen and notice what is already going on and I work mostly improvised. Reacting and adding to movements, sounds and situations that are present.

Photo: Per Hellgren, Kjell Carlsson, Beata Rydén