Classes on ZOOM

Klein Technique™ Stretch and placement class on Tuesdays at 10 -11:30!
The class will be ongoing and perhaps I will add classes as time moves depending on needs and wants. 🙂

Klein Technique™ with Jannine Rivel
Stretch and placement class
In Klein Technique™ we start from our body’s deepest, densest structures, the bones, and the muscles of postural support; the hamstrings, the psoas, the pelvic floor muscles, and the external rotators.
When the bones become aligned and forces can move through us in relation to the floor/earth and space/heavens,
we gain more strength and efficiency which gives us more choices. We will use time to connect, breathe, initiate, sequence and to re define.

”Klein Technique™ is a process of discovery and rediscovery. It is ongoing and continual.
It requires constant blending of theoretical information and experiential practice.
It requires time. Like nature it is ordered and infinite in its discovery.” Susan T. Klein

Jannine Rivel
Certified Klein Technique™ Instructor (-09).
Jannine has taught classes regularly for daily practice and dancer educations, and workshops through
dance alliances, universities, companies, and professional organisations.

The fee is 100 sek/9 euros.
If you plan on taking several classes and/or want to pay through invoice please e-mail me your information before class.
Thank you!

I will be on zoom from 9:40. Class starts at 10 am GMT+2, Sweden time.
The classes are open and ongoing starting the 5th of May. <3
E-mail me for link to the classes at hello(a)

All my best!