Again…study nr 3

I did it all over again,
I needed to do again,
I wanted to again,
I would do it all over
so I did it,
all over

Through a common movement material based on different physical actions and reactions the dance stamps off into individual phrases and dances. The dance performance is built in relation to the sites time and space on which it is being performed on. Length 20-35 minutes.

Choreography & Dance: Jannine Rivel
Dance & Choreography: Minna elif Wendin
Music: Henrik Nordström & Jannine Rivel
Photos: Viktor Wendin

Danced at Studio Oskar and Stigbergstorget April 2014,
Kulturkalaset August 2014
With support from Göteborgs Stad, Danscentrum Väst and vinterProduktion