A continuation of what was started within ”Ping Pong and Tweens” (3:e våningen, Göteborg 2013) and ”Tweenes between us” (ACTS, Oslo 2013).
Takkadam springs out of movement and from that movement the choreography is created that in turns creates the dance. Ping pong with the ball and the rackets or rockets which are sending the ping pong ball in between.
Or in other word, the weight shift in the pelvis and the movement within that relates to a orbit.
This put in relation to distances near and far based on the movement plane forwards – backwards
in relation to the ball in between bouncing tweenes.
Taking it out into a dance and choreography that adds spacial poetics into moving trough space in horizontal perceptions.
How can we shift the pong and pings in the seeing in betweens? In relation to movement and in relation to how we ”see” or perceive movement?
And adding the expectations within the form and asses the work between us?
Frames of time on and/or in a body perspective or inside a time frame such as seconds.
Taking a step.

Atalante the 7-8 november at 7 pm  and 9 november at 5 pm.

Video here!

In collaboration with Scenen Atalante, Göteborg Stad, Danscentrum Väst, Konstnärsnämden and vinterProduktion