The Wood Rabbit

is a unfolding and folding of a solo that moves in between stillness and movement. With a circling rotation within, in close relation to our deepest structure a serie of columns and movement keys are built through a crunching and chewing in choreography.

Choreography, dance, music, lights, set, costume, makeup:
Jannine Rivel

Part of Göteborg Dans och teaterfestival and Loom Extensions
Performed at Skogen May 2012, Dansbyrån November 2012, Trixter January 2013, Textival April 2013, Eskilstuna Konstmuseeum May 2013
With support from vinterProduktion, Göteborgs Stad, Skogen, Kultur i Väst,
Centrum för sceniskt rörelse och eget skapande, Danscentrum Väst, Dansbyrån

Dance Review – February 2013
Jannine Rivel ”The wood rabbit”

“Her silence speaks clearly”
The audience enters the theater and take their seats. A girl on the edge of the stage dressed in a green bathing suit catches my attention. She moves in slow and precise movements. Where did the time go? I wonder. What is time? How do we perceive it? People are lost in translation.
Automation and individuality.
Heritage and future.
Fear and joy.
The withdrawal and dependence.
Lost innocence.
She keeps small plastic balls in her arms. And in specific rhythmic motifs she releases the balls on the white floor as if
they were tears of relief. The girl’s limbs remind us of mechanical keys. And her fingers tremble like leaves on the trees.
She identifies the space.

The dancer and choreographer Jannine Rivel reminds me with her parallel dynamics and sensitivity of motion that my only true
country is my body. Only there can I achieve total freedom.The girl suddenly takes out a small padoneon. She plays out her
grief and shared it with us. This moment is a central point.The heart of the performance. When everything falls into place.
A solo dance performance full of poetic movements and specific expressions. Some moments are dark and brooding. Jannine Rivel is an inspiration to watch on stage.
by Eleftheria Gerofoka, Actress/Journalist